Enjoy a Relaxing Nights Sleep with an Electric Adjustable Bed

Laybrook Chester Electric Adjustable BedIf you find it difficult to get a good nights sleep because of back pain or other health or mobility problems, or if you need to solve comfort issues for an elderly or disabled person, then an adjustable bed is the perfect solution to your problem.

Designed to enable each individual person to sleep in their “stressless body position”, these electric beds are easy to use and can be adjusted until you find your perfect sleeping position.

This alleviates pain and discomfort, allowing you to get a full night of relaxing and refreshing sleep.

You also have a choice of styles, types, and sizes of beds (even including ones with built in TV’s!), plus plenty of additional optional extras such as massage systems, grab rings and cot sides, leg lifters, and height adjustment to name but a few.

Special Offer – Try it For Free!

Best of all perhaps is that you can actually try out your bed in the comfort of your own home for FREE for 7 nights.

You don’t even need to worry about setting up your bed with this special offer because unlike many electric bed companies your bed is delivered and set up for you, you’re shown how to use it, and it will be collected if you decide that it isn’t right for you…

…so what have you to lose except those uncomfortable, sleepless nights!